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Available Books by Victoria Webster

The Drive for Life Manual is designed to create a common sense to the many varying driver responses and the large amount of driving conditions and scenarios each driver faces on a daily basis. It is common knowledge that miscommunication between drivers is responsible for a high percentage of traffic collisions. Theoretically, if all drivers were on the same page and communicated effectively, a safer more predictable environment in which to drive would be created.

At the conclusion of the Drive for Life Program you will be able to demonstrate increased skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • You will be knowledgeable in safety factors and their many variants and drive defensively;
  • You will appreciate the need to habitually perform the defensive driving tasks learned;
  • You will have optimum balance in your own individual competency and confidence levels pertaining to your safe driving abilities.

The Senior Driver Guide is an excellent tool to help senior drivers feel confident about an upcoming driving test or who may be questioning their ability to drive safely. Victoria's heartfelt intention in writing The Guide is to give everyone an opportunity to be fully prepared for the challenges of aging whiling maintaining a safe and healthy ability to drive a motor vehicle! A fun read, and a great compliment and aid in reading and comprehending The Official M.T.O. Driver's Handbook!

This Senior Driver Guide has three main goals:

1) To improve and maintain a safe standard of driving in each and every participant of the programme;
2) To provide each participant with the ability to maintain the independence driving affords them;
3) To remind each participant of the importance humour plays in over-coming life’s road blocks.

The RDDP Reference Guide is written specifically for people who need to overcome and manage driver anxiety and phobia.  Based on the same principles and concepts as per Edmund J Bourne's "Beyond Anxiety & Phobia,"  the RDDP Reference Guide is a complete programme specific to driver anxiety and phobia.  Due to the detailed step-by-step description of the programme, medical professionals and driver rehab specialists will find this an easy read, they will gain much reward in the successful presentation of this unique concept.

The RDDP Reference Guide outlines the programme created by Victoria Webster, which has been successfully presented to many clients over the past 20+ years. 

The RDDP Reference Guide explains:
1.  The what and why of driver anxiety and driver phobia;
2.  How to assess a client and create a specific treatment plan using RDDP Tools;
3.  How to teach a person suffering from driver anxiety and phobia, coping skills, that they may safely, confidently and competently return to the driving task.